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Scientific knowledge, and the tools used for its pursuit, are common goods that belong to all and must circulate as widely as possible. This idea justifies the creation of the Open for Rare research program and the implementation of open science in our group. Below our operating principles:

  1. We develop a highly collaborative research environment that favors partnerships and regular interactions between basic scientists and clinicians, from the academic and private sectors, and the public.

  2. We share data and reagents without restrictions, including deposition of data in public databases and rapid publication in peered-reviewed journals. Reagents are available upon request.

  3. No patents be gained, except if necessary to ensure that nobody can restrict freedom-to-operate. The effect of this measure and open science as a whole on our research and development efforts is the object of specific studies.

  4. We always improve communication channels between our research team and the general public, particularly patient groups and caregivers.

  5. The IRCM finance department applies administrative control mechanisms ensuring that totality of our funding (and the financial outcomes of our research) is used exclusively for open science research and the common good. No royalties, no venture capital.

  6. We operate strong basic research programs that integrate cutting-edge technologies such as genomics, proteomics, small molecule screening, and artificial intelligence to study the molecular basis of disease.

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